Corporate Wellness: Productivity and Exercise 

It’s something your hear about everyday in school, at work and in your family life. People always look for new and better ways to be more productive. The people who are the most successful all have one thing in common, and it might not be what you think. They are extremely motivated individuals and  maintain a healthy lifestyle with daily EXERCISE. People who exercise are more likely to enjoy their jobs and achieve a higher level of performance and productivity. Besides the health benefits of being physically active, it also benefits other aspects of life. 

  • Get a better night’s rest – when exercise is added to your daily life you can get better quality sleep. This is crucial in preparation of a highly productive day. 
  • Experience elevated energy – exercise is proven to enhance energy levels and improve focus. All successful people maintain a high level of focus/concentration and stay “in the moment”. You are also less likely to procrastinate and thereby become more productive. 
  • You’ll experience less mood swings – one of the best byproducts of exercise is being happy. When you exercise endorphins are released into the bloodstream. The interaction of endorphins with your brain triggers a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. The improved sense of wellbeing makes you more calm and a pleasure to be around. That makes it a whole lot easier to make better decisions and be fully engaged. When you’re happy you’re more productive! 
  • Develop healthy behaviors – including exercise into your work day requires a little planning and time management. The behaviors that result are being more task oriented, improved work performance, ability to follow through and being better prepared. 

My view on working is based on time and energy expended. Everyone has a baseline amount of energy they can use each day. Some people have more than others, but with the addition of exercise this level can be altered. The amount of exercise you can handle is directly related to the amount of work you can do. By increasing your level of activity we are actually building the foundation for how much work you can do.

Most people want to exercise to get in shape. There’s no doubt that being fit is the greatest result of working out. However, a very interesting result of daily exercise is the effect on workplace productivity. Employees who exercise avoid procrastination and perform better than employees who are sedentary. Studies have shown that companies that require daily exercise from their staff experience a reduction in rates of illness and injury, which can save $500 per employee every year. Companies should know that implementing a wellness program normally lowers the rate of employee turnover, healthcare costs, disability insurance and sick leave. The increase in overall output from every employee makes this a win-win scenario. 


Workplace productivity isn’t purely energy based. It also relies heavily on your mental state of awareness. Sifting through paperwork and a constant barrage of meetings and phone calls can get overwhelming. So just like your body’s energy levels need attention, you need to maintain proper brain function. Exercise enhances the body’s ability to transfer glucose and oxygen to the body and brain. By creating stimuli such as physical activity and proper nutrition we can give the brain what it needs to function optimally. This can have a drastic effect on your performance and workplace capacity. 

Corporate wellness programs are essential to long-term success of any business. 

Here’s an example of what my corporate wellness program would look like: 

Crevfit Corporate Wellness Initiative: goal is to increase employee awareness and benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Activities:

Fitness and Mobility testing

Onsite exercise room or fitness center
Walking and/or running club (during lunch hour or breaks)
Onsite bike rake

Mind and Body classes (yoga, tai chi) initiatives

Team sports (basketball, volleyball softball)

Host an exercise equipment swap

Behavior Change or Lifestyle Change Programs:

Smoking cessation
Weight management initiatives

Substance abuse initiatives

Fitness activity

Stress management initiatives

Safety and Prevention Programs:

Back-injury training and prevention
Education about Ergonomics

Exercise Equipment awareness and tutorials

Awareness, Health Education, and Support Programs:

Lunch & Learn or brown-bag wellness seminars
Diet and Nutrition information, plus make available healthy food alternatives in your vending machines and cafeteria, and make available food storage and preparation facilities to encourage healthier eating

Prenatal care initiatives

Work-Life Balance initiatives

Financial education

Stress-Relief Programs:

Laughter bulletin board where employee can post jokes and cartoons (in good taste)
Visiting massage therapist

Stretch breaks

Group lunches or celebrations


Proper work desk posture: part of the back pain/injury prevention and Education about Ergonomics.

Being an Olympic athlete makes me an expert in the areas of health and wellness. Inviting me to your workplace could be a motivational catalyts or at the very least a great team building experience. Any inquiries can be directed to the CONTACT tab on my site Crevfit Online Coaching or my email

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Chris Creveling

Olympic Silver Medalist, Founder of Crevfit