What is Trainerize?

As your fitness coach, I would like you to know a little more about the training software I use. This is a step by step detailed overview of what a training plan looks like using Trainerize.

Operation Abs – Week 5 – Trainerize (workout training software)

Over the next 6 months I’m going to be tracking the performance of my newest coaching client- Mr ‘C’ (not his real name). His quest, to have a 6 pack for Christmas 2015! I will be posting blog updates every 1-2 weeks, tracking his progress, explaining the protocols that he will be using.

Week 5 – Trainerize

This week we are going to look at how I deliver my training programs to Mr C. Gone are the days of pen and paper notebooks. Even excel spreadsheets have come and gone. Today everyone has a smart phone in their pocket, and (unfortunately) this comes with us out onto the gym floor.

For that reason it’s an obvious step to deliver clients their programs via their phones. And that is exactly what I do – all my clients programs are delivered to them via a software app called Trainerize.

What Is Trainerize?

Trainers s a web and smartphone (iphone & android apps included) software tool that allows coaches and trainers to track and build custom programs for their clients. Things like exercise notes, demonstration videos and rest timers are all built in.

Mr C just needs to open up the Trainerize app and can see what workout I have scheduled for him for that day, what mobility warmup he needs to do, all the set and rep ranges for each exercise, and any videos or notes that I have left to help him with each exercise. The best thing for both of us is all the weights and reps that he performs during that session are saved in the software for me to review and for Mr C to build off.

Alex Fergus Coaching Trainerize Review

Benefits to Mr C

As part of the onboarding client process, I sat down (or I would do it over skype if it was an online client) with Mr C and discussed his goals, lifestyle habits, access to gym or training resources, injuries and anything else that I need to build a training plan. Using this information, I combine it with the clients initial screening results to build the optimal training program completely tailored to the client. There are no cookie cutter programs used here.

This program is build from a database of exercises that I have added to my Trainerize library. Every exercise has my own notes and cues, along with a video attached. The program that is delivered to Mr C then includes all of these videos and notes so Mr C knows exactly how to perform any unfamiliar exercises.

Mr C then simply opens up his app, and will see the scheduled workout for the day (email reminders are also sent every morning, explaining what todays workout involves). Along with his upcoming workouts.

Trainerize Review

Once Mr C has loaded up the day’s program, he will see all his warmup routines, an overview of the session, prescribed exercises (with a button to view a demonstration video and my own notes on the lift),  and the sets, reps, rest and RPE for each lift.

The other great thing about the Trainerize app is that all your workout data is stored. So you can see the weights you performed for every lift – whether it was last week or last year. With a simple click you can see all previous data and use this to make informed decisions as to what weight you should use today (or what weight you need to do to hit a Personal Best).

Trainerize Review

Mr C, and my online clients can also leave notes at the end of the session. These notes, along with the data from the workout, are then sent to me to review every morning. Perhaps Mr C couldn’t get access to the bench press, so he performed DB presses instead – he would add this to the notes so I know exactly what’s going on and why the numbers may look slightly different today.

The Trainerize App also tracks body metrics and body photos. Body fat percentage, weight, limb circumference, it can all be tracked and graphed from within the app itself.

Trainerize ReviewTrainerize Review

Finally, Mr C can also login to his profile through the Trainerize Website and see even more data such as his training calendar with all his scheduled workouts and reminders.

Trainerize Review

And also his progress graphs and how he is improving with his lifts.

Trainerize Review

All in all, Mr C has his complete training program with all his data at his fingertips. It makes training without a trainer so much easier as:

– The program is built for you, no more turning up to the gym and not knowing what to do.

– There are video demo’s for each lift to help with your form and technique.

– All of your past workout info is saved. No more needing to bring in notebooks or having to remember what weight you did last time.

– I, as your coach, oversee all your workouts and use this information to build your next program.

– It keeps you accountable as not only can you see your own progress, but so can I!

Please don’t hesitate to comment if you have any questions or concerns! I would be glad to talk with you. Also visit my Trainerize website for more —–> Trainerize Website

Yours in fitness,

Chris Creveling
Founder of Crevfit
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Introducing Crevfit Nutrition Services: Evolution Nutrition

Why is Nutrition a Bigger Deal Than Fitness?

How many times have you heard stories about “the secret to fat loss” or “the magic weight loss supplement”? It’s a standard sales pitch for any current supplement company and usually not true. There’s no replacement for a proper diet for healthy weight loss. Not only do those supplements not work, most of them contain filler ingredients that have basically no nutritional value. The plan for most of these supplements is to provide a shortcut to weight loss that people will pay extra to have. Please don’t believe the hype, and definitely don’t take any supplements that could negatively impact your health.

Since we now know that there is no magic pill to take, what’s the alternative? In short I will say there is no better way to change your physique than by changing your diet. It’s important to understand what’s going on inside your body before changing your physique. In order to recover from workouts your body needs healthy amounts of quality- sleep, appropriate caloric intake and hydration. Other important factors are Vitamin-D, Testosterone, Cortisol, Glucose and vital nutrients. These need to be in the correct range for your body to be on track for a transformation. Until this happens, supplements and insane training routines will not help. This leaves me with a solution to this ongoing problem.

The best way to achieve healthy weight loss is a two pronged  approach- a proper nutritional program and a high intensity fitness program. No matter what you hear on TV or see online, this is the framework to any good weight loss program. In fact, adequate nutrition is the only way to see noticeable results from a fitness plan.

Now comes the tricky part. How do you use nutrition to enhance your fitness plan and reach your weight loss goals?

By identifying your nutritional deficiencies and individual needs we can design the best plan for you. There is no need for sweating the details for your daily calorie requirements or weighing your food before eating. With Evolution Nutrition software everything is done for you and fitted alongside your fitness plan. The best feature of this software is the food exchange program. This allows the client to choose their own foods based on macro nutrient requirements. This puts the power in the client’s hands by giving multiple options for all food option.

Nutrition plan in PDF format

Nutrition plan in PDF format

It’s no secret that many supplement products are not what they appear to be. The reason behind this is based on nutrition and dieting trends as well as marketing ploys. Now I would like to provide you with an alternative to this madness. Crevfit Online Coaching is a complete fitness plan with 24/7 coaching support along with daily workouts and nutritional support. The application which makes this process possible is called Trainerize. Trainerize, the fitness software leader in online personal training, announced a strategic partnership with Evolution Nutrition, the leader in customized meal planning software, establishing a powerful combined offering that allows fitness professionals and studios to provide a flexible and complete health and wellness solution to consumers worldwide.

Clients can access and follow meal plans from their Trainerize mobile app, anywhere (yes, including at the grocery store or at work). The meal plan displays in full view, so clients will be able to scroll, zoom in, print and even save the meal plan to their computers or devices if they wish to do so.

Nutrition Software

Evolution Nutrition Software 

I’m very excited to unveil this nutrition service to all my clients. It’s the perfect combination of technology and simplicity that will guarantee results with everyone. I personally welcome all of you to try the new features of Crevfit Online Coaching and get a free one week trial of Evolution Nutrition. There’s a limited amount of spots available for this package deal so take advantage of this exclusive deal!

Yours in fitness,

Chris Creveling
Founder of Crevfit
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Bringing my experience home

I love speed skating, and I love the Olympics!

This is a quote from Sugar Todd, a long track speed skater on team usa.  She was so excited to skate her first race, and make her dream come true.  I just thought I would share that with all of you. My Olympics had been great so far, I’m making every second count.  And I want to say that making the Olympics is a crazy achievement, not many people can say they have competed in the Olympics and I’m honored to be here. But living every moment to the fullest and racing your full potential is the goal at the Olympics. I want everyone to know that I’m not here just to have fun, but to be on top of the podium.

Most of the time I have spent here had been skating, eating sleeping and riding from one place to the next. But now that races have started is a whole different experience. I’m starting to hit my stride and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s time to make my country and hometown proud. And of course for me to go out there and have no regrets. Take a look at some of the pictures I took off opening cerimonies, riding around the park and just hanging out at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

I have had the opportunity to meet some really awesome people and make new friends. Also its nice to see familiar faces when I’m at the Team usa house or Proctor and Gamble house. I took some pics with a couple of them but there will be more top come later. I also got the chance to take pay in the gold medal celebrations with the slopestyle snowboarders. Fingers crossed that I get to do some celebrating of my own.



























The Wait Is Over

The wait is over. World Cup season if finally here, my second season with the World Cup team. The races start on Sept. 26 in Shanghai, then Seoul Korea right after. That means we will be spending about two weeks in Asia. I’m looking forward to seeing the cultures, getting some deals on merchandise, trying new foods. My favorite thing about traveling to Asia is the jet lag (hint of sarcasm). There will be a period of about a week that time has completely flipped. China is 15 hours ahead of where I’m from in Salt Lake City.

Last night we arrived in Shanghai for World Cup 1. It’s still a little difficult for me to make sense of where the time has gone since mid- April. A lot has changed for me with training, my recovery techniques, my mentality has changed. For the first time I’m feeling familiarized with international competition and the demands that are made on my body. The jet lag, changes in diet, competition layout, the racing and resting schedule. I have started working with more people (Doctors, trainers, therapists) to help keep me healthy and ready for anything.

Some of the best recovery tools you have are right in front of you. I’ll say that nutrition and hydration are the most obvious parts of recovery. I have learned a lot about these in particular since I am sensitive to gluten and have a tough time staying hydrated. When it comes to my sport (speedskating) I take all of this to the next level. Without letting my body rest and recover, I would never have gotten to the World Cup stage. That’s why many world class athletes use massage therapists, athletic trainers, medical professionals and others to force the issue of recovery. Like a lot of the skaters in SLC I goto Ryan Yakiwchuk (massage therapist) with Ultimate Body Work. He is amazing with helping athletes, especially elite athletes. When I go in to see him there is always a healing and positive atmosphere, which is important for physical and mental well being. He’s genuinely good with taking care of injuries, special needs or anything regarding recovery. That is hard to believe coming from a speedskater, and trust me we are not easy to accommodate… The latest technique we use is called fascia stretch therapy. Visit www.stretchtown.com to see what it is all about!

So what’s the main reason to get this treatment done? Getting a massage and stretching/ unwinding your tight muscles is going to help facilitate recovery. But that means nothing if you aren’t taking care of yourself and getting to know your body. It takes a long time to learn how your body can handle different types of training and recovery techniques. By acknowledging how your body feels and removing any doubt, you allow yourself to fully recover. That’s why I say that my mentality has changed. It affects everything including my performance and lifestyle. When I’m not training I can also feel the difference in my energy and general health. So maybe I was a little overworked in the past, but the fact is that with rest and recovery I can actually extend the lifetime of my career.

If you are an athlete or a workaholic, it’s probably difficult to keep your body hydrated all the time. Drinking more than you think you should is the best bet to make sure dehydration isn’t an issue. Other recovery tools I would like to stress are sleep (lots of sleep, zzzzzzz) and active recovery. Your body is constantly playing catch-up with muscle and tissue breakdown, so getting enough rest is the only way to let your body recover fully. I don’t have to preach about how important sleep is, but Americans are notorious for being sleep deprived. And when you’re not sleeping, another way to recover your body is light, low heart-rate exercise. That can be an easy spin on the bike, swim, jog, yoga, whatever suits you. Your body is a amazing machine which can filter out lactic acid, toxins, and anything you put into it.

Now that trials are over we have actually kicked it up a notch. There is only a limited amount of time to get good training in which means its time to work! But not only are we working hard, but recovering as well. That means cooling down after workouts, stretching, eating well, massages, etc. It’s amazing how much we can accomplish during the week. When I started with the national team it seemed like I had a lot to do. But now we can accomplish so much more as a team. When we decide as a group  that it seems ridiculous. This experience has been truly remarkable and shows me that so much more is possible. I guess that is what the Olympic movement is all about!

Here are a few photos from the past couple months of training. They are pretty interesting since I have been all over the place for training, sponsor events, traveling, so enjoy!

Look for an update after World Cup 1 coming soon


2013 USANA Convention.




Time to do work

You may be thinking, “Is it hard to write when you’re busy training?” my answer would be no. I actually need some time to reflect on what I’m doing and take a step back. When it’s off-time for most people the plan is to go crazy. I don’t have that luxury because off-time for me means recharging the batteries. It’s difficult to be a short track speed skater and make time to just relax. Thankfully I’ve found some free time to get reacquainted with my notepad.

For most of my life I have been inline SpeedSkating. A lot of people recognize me from the short track national team, but previously I was on the inline world team. I raced with multiple sponsors like K2 skates, Luigino racing, MPC wheels and others. But the important thing I learned during that time was how to train myself. I had a team while i was racing. However, I wasn’t with them all year round. We had training camps and races together but they were three days long. After all the traveling to races I had to figure out my own training methods. I would skate with my local teammates as much as possible. We would find the best roads for our workouts and plan the training schedule. In most cases we would meet up somewhere with the best roads for intervals, sprints or marathons. For the other workouts I had to reach out and find opportunities in the community. Luckily I had a weight room to work in and access to sponsors to help me with my racing equipment.

Before I started competing internationally there were a couple coaches i worked with. Their families raced in our local club and it was a good place for me to start. After I made the world team I had to learn how to coach myself. I couldn’t get away with missing training sessions anymore, so it turned into a full- time job. That meant going out everyday and doing a specific workout on the bike, skating indoors, on the road, weight training and dry land. That being said, everyone needs a coach to improve. A coach can get you through the beginning of your career, but it comes down to you “the skater” to do it yourself. That is hard grasp at first, because everyone needs a team to get better. Sooner or later the coach can’t push any harder and you will be able to take care of everything yourself.

The competitive spirit is the most powerful weapon in any skater’s arsenal. Being with a team is constantly pushing the limits. Being with this team for the past year has taught me a lot about international racing, training techniques, and how to work harder as a team. But the farther along I get in my training, the more I realize the importance of my early years. I started off training myself to get better, stronger, faster. After getting more attention from coaches and skating with great skaters I picked up a lot of things. So now comes the hard part: putting it all together. I’m really relying on my past training to get me to that next level. All of those days I spent skating outdoors, rain or shine. I would even skate to practice, change my wheels and then skate indoors at the roller rink. My teammates and I went on road trips from one practice to the next. Skating by myself on the hills in Pennsylvania in my high school days. All of that has really gotten me through the labyrinth of trials I’ve encountered.

As for my ice skating career, the last 2 months have been very exciting. When we got together for our first training the energy was high. This would be a little different than normal, except we are just 6 months out from Olympic trials. Everyone that showed up wanted to make this their best year. The main focuses for early season are skating laps and making gains in my training off the ice. The group of people I have been working with have been great. We have been killing it on the ice, in the weight room and in our fitness testing. I have a feeling that all of us will be skating faster than ever before. That’s a good thing because this is the Olympic year and we need to be at our best by the Olympic trials. We have been planning this year of training since the last Olympic Games in Vancouver and have put in three years of hard work.

There have been a lot of improvements this season. Not only with the team but the community and willingness to help out. When we had special requests, the Energy Solutions Arena helped us with our training needs. the University of Utah made a commitment to helping us reach our goals. Also the staff at the Utah Olympic Oval have done their part to help us with all of our training needs. The local foods stores are helping with our nutritional needs. I hope that all the support keeps progressing through the year. It makes our jobs much easier. Within the team we have found a common ground with everyone involved in the sport. We will do whatever it takes to help each other and its a great feeling to have everyone working together. As we get closer to the World Cup trials some skaters may want to do their own thing. Not every skater needs the same training, which is understandable. But for now we all are vested in this program and work well together.

On another note, our team had the opportunity to visit Liberty Heights Fresh. This local-first produce distributor has teamed up with USS to help feed athletes. We went there as a team to check out the spread of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and pasta. The people we met, including the owner Steve, were very helpful, friendly and committed to the cause. Like us, they’re promoters of helping the community learn and eat better. Local farms have even invited us to come visit their farm to pick up food. Here are a few pictures from our visit.

To find out more about this SLC food supplier visit liberty heights fresh- Steven’s Blog




The best part about writing my blog is getting feedback from you guys. Just saying some words of encouragement it plenty. So feel free to ask about what else I’m doing or general questions you have for me. As always, please share.










Pre-season visits to LA and Co. Springs

Last month I had the privilege to be part of the NBC Olympic promo shoot in Los Angeles, California. The whole trip lasted about 5 days which gave me plenty of time to check out Beverly Hills and Hollywood. My mom also lived in the area so we had the chance to spend time together in Santa Monica.

20130517-195718.jpg 20130517-195734.jpg

While I was in LA there was also filming of short track skating. We managed to spend over four hours on the ice which turned out to be a lot of fun. We did some filming using the sled camera that followed us down the straight-away. That camera shoots over 1,000 frames per second to get every little detail of skating. The film crew focused on the the start and ice chips flying through the air! We also used helmet mounted Go-Pro cameras to capture passing and pack skating on short track. I’m really excited to see how these clips will come out when they air on NBC this fall.

20130517-201458.jpg 20130517-201507.jpg

20130517-201530.jpg 20130517-201513.jpg



The studio was packed with other winter Olympic athletes. I had the chance to meet bobsledders, lugers and skiers who were also invited to the event. The “event” was very fast paced and energized. What was cool about it was meeting the producers and newscasters from NBC who will be putting the footage together. They were extremely helpful in getting me prepped for the interviews and made everything go smoothly. I had no problems with being filmed alongside JR, Eddy, Jeff and the other athletes.

After I returned from LA. it was time to get back to training. The racing season is still months away, but we are getting a head start on the Olympic year. The atmosphere is quite different since the competition will be really fierce to capture a spot on the world team, and ultimately the Olympic team.

The next stop in my summer training was the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. We departed SLC with great expectations for the training camp. The flight was a little rough, but we made it to the ground safely. Flying in a prop plane isn’t ever an enjoyable experience. Every small wind sheer would shake the plane, which made for an interesting flight with lots of turbulence. We also saw this sign when we headed down to baggage claim.

20130517-203114.jpg 20130517-203131.jpg


It was great to be around other athletes in the training center. Don’t get me wrong, spending time with Travis Jayner, Johnathan Garcia, and the other speed skating athletes is very entertaining. We had a great time training together and getting ready for the tough year ahead. Not to mention the ping pong, and foosball games we had in the athlete lounge.. The athletes who live in the OTC all share that same energy for their sport and the dedication it takes to win. The staff and trainers are a big part of the push to get us ready for competing. I am very grateful to have them on my team as I prepare for the 2014 season.

20130517-204132.jpg 20130517-204211.jpg


There was an event going on at the OTC called The Warrior Games. More than 200 wounded service members competed in seven sports (archery, cycling, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming, track and field and wheelchair basketball). Athletes were from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Sec Ops as well as the British armed forces. We were honored to be greeted by Prince Harry as he was the keynote speaker for the event. The event did mean a lot to me since I have family members in the marines. Being in the presence of the soldiers was really inspiring.

20130517-204908.jpg 20130517-204919.jpg


20130517-204929.jpg 20130517-205624.jpg


Spending time with the long track team and staff—> tons of fun. The coaches are fun when we re on the ice. But spending time with the off the ice, we had a lot of laughs and good times together. We had team activities planned like dry land sessions, weight training, hiking and running the incline. It brought back memories from my inline racing days when I stayed at the OTC for residency. But this time, being with the short track team was excellent. We also had fencing bouts, basketball and dodgeball games to boost team building.

20130517-210432.jpg 20130518-141205.jpg


Pre- World Cup

Hello everyone, it’s my pleasure to bring you my next update on the world cup season.This was the week of preparation for world cups 5 & 6. It’s also the week of world sprint championships for long track. Here is a look at the oval.




As you can see they have made a few changes to host the world sprint championships. I’m a little bummed that we won’t be able to watch the events since we are leaving for Sochi, Russia. But I will try to keep you all informed on what’s happening.
Here is a link for the usspeedskating post
short track team assists in world sprint championships prep

The best way to train is with the fastest skaters. now that we are all together it’s a perfect training environment. We have all been working extremely hard and it has paid off. I skated my fastest lap time at practice (8.28 sec.) and made some great improvements. It’s really exciting to be leaving for Sochi and feeling physically ready and healthy.
I am very pleased that we have great coaches and staff to help us athletes. Guy Thiubault, now our short track head coach, has been a great addition to our team. Steve Gough is also back with us- I don’t know where I would be without him as a coach. We are blessed to have a fantastic group.

When we were finishing up an ice session one day, there was a crowd gathered in the lobby. Jr. Celski was placing his world record on the wall at the oval. I was witness to his sub- 39second 500meter and it was a great experience. We were posted up on the pads cheering for him like crazy. When will we ever see another 39sec 500? Perhaps at one if the next world cups.


Our team is now off to Russia, where we will race at the olympic venue. It’s going to be an amazing experience and eye opening as well. After the Sochi World Cup we will fly to Dresden, Germany for World Cup 6.








World team 2013

5th Ave IMG_1943 IMG_1944 Rocafeller Center IMG_1946 IMG_1947 IMG_1949 IMG_1950 IMG_1951 IMG_1952 IMG_1953 Time Square IMG_1956 IMG_1958 IMG_1959 IMG_1960

Check out the pics from NYC! I’m so glad I got to visit this great city with my sister. It was a blast walking around and being tourists. I have been in the city a few times before, but not for about 5 years.

The world team trials were last month. Stressful as usual, with plenty of close calls and controversy. But that is what we have been training for all year. Preparing for that moment when all the fastest skaters are in the line together. I’m glad I can claim a spot on that line next to fellow world team members.
Half the year we train and prepare ourselves for trials. The other half we spend worrying about the race itself and making the team. Once at trials, all bets are off. At this point everything you do matters. There can’t be any mistakes since your spot on the world team depends on making clean passes and staying calm.
My world team trials were mostly great. The races were extremely close as I chased the other skaters for 6 spots on the world team. It was possibly my best performance ever and I placed second overall. I medaled in every distance we skated, which has been a goal of mine.



Immediately following the racing I prepared for my trip to visit my family. I spent my time at home for the holidays; which I rarely get the chance to do with my hectic schedule. I went home (new jersey) for Christmas, my birthday and New Years. There’s nothing like spending quality time with your family.







My next trip was to visit New York City. I was scheduled to have LASIK surgery with Dr. Pamel on the 4th. Luckily my sister was able to make the trip with me to help me adjust to my “new eyes.” We had a great time running around the city. We went everywhere: Central Park, Rockefeller center, Times Square. We spent four days roaming around and taking in the sights. Chelsea’s significant other, Dan also joined us. I was really glad we had the chance to take a trip together.
After the surgery it was like a whole different experience. I could hardly open my eyes at first, but I could still see better than 20/20. So that’s when the quote, “it’s like I was reborn” originated from. A lot if the other skaters have already gone through the procedure, so they agree that it is life-changing.
Here are a few pictures of our trip. Also some candid pics of me after the surgery.
















Crossfit Utah Olympic Oval

My blog has been mostly about skating so far. I know you don’t want to hear about our monotonous ice sessions and how waking up in the morning is next to impossible. So, I will be mixing it up a little bit. I am sticking to the skating topics, but there are going to be a few random topics thrown in here and there. For instance, there was a crossfit competition at the Oval this weekend.




As you can see, there is wet snow falling. There is a stage in the competition where they have to run outside in the snow! This isn’t your “Average Joe’s Crossfit”; they just took it to a whole new level. There is a paintball stage of the competition. It looks like there are targets setup for them to shoot at. But who knows, maybe they are running from paintball attacks out there?



I had the chance to get out on the long track yesterday. The change in short track ice to long track was much needed. It gave me a chance to unwind and stretch my legs a little bit. I have a few pics here of the session.




There are some good days, some bad, and others when you just dont want to skate. That is the reality for any competitive athlete. But the main goal is to make your worst days of training your best days.
This is my training schedule: about 700 laps per week, 3 hrs of dry land and 6 hrs of weight training. I don’t think there is even 3 hrs of rest between some practices. However, our coach is a mastermind and has our training planned to every last detail. It is two weeks until we travel to Nagoya. This is the last chance for intense, rigorous training. This is a pic I would say describes what we feel like after training.


That’s all for now