Introducing Crevfit Nutrition Services: Evolution Nutrition

Why is Nutrition a Bigger Deal Than Fitness?

How many times have you heard stories about “the secret to fat loss” or “the magic weight loss supplement”? It’s a standard sales pitch for any current supplement company and usually not true. There’s no replacement for a proper diet for healthy weight loss. Not only do those supplements not work, most of them contain filler ingredients that have basically no nutritional value. The plan for most of these supplements is to provide a shortcut to weight loss that people will pay extra to have. Please don’t believe the hype, and definitely don’t take any supplements that could negatively impact your health.

Since we now know that there is no magic pill to take, what’s the alternative? In short I will say there is no better way to change your physique than by changing your diet. It’s important to understand what’s going on inside your body before changing your physique. In order to recover from workouts your body needs healthy amounts of quality- sleep, appropriate caloric intake and hydration. Other important factors are Vitamin-D, Testosterone, Cortisol, Glucose and vital nutrients. These need to be in the correct range for your body to be on track for a transformation. Until this happens, supplements and insane training routines will not help. This leaves me with a solution to this ongoing problem.

The best way to achieve healthy weight loss is a two pronged  approach- a proper nutritional program and a high intensity fitness program. No matter what you hear on TV or see online, this is the framework to any good weight loss program. In fact, adequate nutrition is the only way to see noticeable results from a fitness plan.

Now comes the tricky part. How do you use nutrition to enhance your fitness plan and reach your weight loss goals?

By identifying your nutritional deficiencies and individual needs we can design the best plan for you. There is no need for sweating the details for your daily calorie requirements or weighing your food before eating. With Evolution Nutrition software everything is done for you and fitted alongside your fitness plan. The best feature of this software is the food exchange program. This allows the client to choose their own foods based on macro nutrient requirements. This puts the power in the client’s hands by giving multiple options for all food option.

Nutrition plan in PDF format

Nutrition plan in PDF format

It’s no secret that many supplement products are not what they appear to be. The reason behind this is based on nutrition and dieting trends as well as marketing ploys. Now I would like to provide you with an alternative to this madness. Crevfit Online Coaching is a complete fitness plan with 24/7 coaching support along with daily workouts and nutritional support. The application which makes this process possible is called Trainerize. Trainerize, the fitness software leader in online personal training, announced a strategic partnership with Evolution Nutrition, the leader in customized meal planning software, establishing a powerful combined offering that allows fitness professionals and studios to provide a flexible and complete health and wellness solution to consumers worldwide.

Clients can access and follow meal plans from their Trainerize mobile app, anywhere (yes, including at the grocery store or at work). The meal plan displays in full view, so clients will be able to scroll, zoom in, print and even save the meal plan to their computers or devices if they wish to do so.

Nutrition Software

Evolution Nutrition Software 

I’m very excited to unveil this nutrition service to all my clients. It’s the perfect combination of technology and simplicity that will guarantee results with everyone. I personally welcome all of you to try the new features of Crevfit Online Coaching and get a free one week trial of Evolution Nutrition. There’s a limited amount of spots available for this package deal so take advantage of this exclusive deal!

Yours in fitness,

Chris Creveling
Founder of Crevfit
Visit for more info

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