Finding Your Passion

In the past year I’ve discovered my new passion. Obviously I’m passionate about my sport (speed skating) and competing. This sport has shown me what I’m capable of and what is possible if you truly set your mind on something. What could I be passionate about beyond my Olympic aspirations?

The answer is Crevfit, my personally developed fitness program. The main areas I will address are fighting obesity in America and creating a fitness program that’s accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime. By providing daily workouts and weekly meal plans I have an answer to this growing obesity epidemic we are facing in the US.


The fitness industry is growing at an exponential rate. Everyday there’s a new workout trend or fad diet that will fizzle out over time. Since the 1970’s there have always been fitness programs available. The problem isn’t finding a good one, it’s finding the time to complete the program successfully. Now I ask you, What does everyone have in common? EVERYONE faces issues with balancing a lack of time, energy, family life and a busy work schedule. The number one complaint I’ve heard from people is “I can’t get the results I want with my busy schedule.”


Perhaps some people really don’t have the time to workout. Especially if you’re a working mother with kids and can’t afford a personal trainer. But could all the time during your day be vested in working and family activities? What about those twenty minutes of peace and quiet when there’s nothing to do?

Crevfit Online Coaching is designed for use with your mobile device. Everyday is a chance to check in to a workout and follow the video instructions to reap the benefits of at-home goals. This leaves no room for error since we can keep tabs on proper form and exercise technique. Along with 24/7 direct messaging and email sport the app also features the ability to make a Skype call directly within the Trainerize app.


The best feature of all is that you can now have a personal trainer with you wherever you go. No more guess work for what the next workout will be, how the workout should be done, or questions about proper technique. Even if you don’t own a tablet or smartphone the workouts are still available in a printer friendly format. But enough about the app…

Training should be made easily accessible and fun. By committing to a goal and following a precise plan you’re already closer to finally achieving that goal. The only thing left to do is try it out for yourself. Right now I’m hosting a Crevfit Summer Weight loss challenge via Facebook. Join my 4-week event Crevfit Summer Weight loss challenge and like my Facebook page  Crevfit Online Coaching to keep up on everything that’s happening. It’s not too late to join!

-Chris Creveling
Founder of Crevfit

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