First day in Dresden

Goodbye Sochi, and hallo Dresden. I’m glad to have made it to Germany in one piece. We were delayed in our flight out of Sochi this morning (7:00am) and almost missed our connecting flight. It was a very stressful travel day but three connecting flights later, we have arrived.
In these past few world cups I have found some answers. We are constantly looking for the best mixture of training and being prepared for anything (equipment problems, health, traveling etc). With the help of all the staff and teammates, it has been a great learning experience.
I’m still working on getting the kinks out with my racing. Finally there is a connection with racing and working with the World Cup staff. And believe me, there’s no substitute for the World Cup experience. We have a limited window of opportunity as athletes to win medals. Now that I’m starting to see the bigger picture, it makes my goals a lot more clear. The staff are here to help us get there (trainers, nutritionist, coaches). So it’s like a puzzle and all the pieces have to fall into place.
The team traveled all day today (I mean ALL day) to get to Dresden, Germany. It was a 2:00am wake up call to goto the airport. Here is the play by play.










We had a strong team meeting when we got here, and it looks like everyone is ready to do big things. Ill let you know that we didn’t have a great weekend. Now we have a chance to show that we are a strong team and come back from this. I personally feel very motivated and inspired for this final World Cup. We all want to take it to the next level and I’ll do everything in my power to make that happen.
So we are headed to a late practice tonight just to get our legs moving again. It is just what is needed for us to be ready for this coming weekend. Stay tuned in for the next thrilling update!

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