Doing what i love, and traveling all over the world. I have to say it’s really fun to be in Japan for this competition. The culture is so different from what i am used to, Im in awe every time i leave the hotel.

When I first arrived in Nagoya the focus turned directly to what type of food to eat. A group of us split off from the hotel and went to go find some sushi. The restaurant was 13 floors up and right next to the Nagoya Marriott Associa hotel. It’s right above the train station and a ton of department stores/shopping areas.
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The next day we had practice at noon. The weather was bleak and it rained the entire day. We got on the bus and I managed to snap a pic of something amazing. This really blew my mind, since you would never see this anywhere in America. As the tree leaves were falling with the rain, an old woman swept them up and threw them away. Her sense of duty and respect for others blew me away. But this was happening all over the city, and every citizen was cleaning up their share of the leaves from the sidewalks.

The arena for this World Cup isn’t actually an ice rink ‘per say’ but it was a swimming venue. There are high-dives and swimming pools right next to the ice. As a matter of fact the ice sheet is directly above where the pool is. While I was skating, I could feel the whole ice sheet shaking. That’s because there is plywood above the pool where the ice sits.
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The ice session was followed immediately by lunch in the subway system. Underground there are huge networks of shopping malls and markets that have whatever you could want. We scrambled in every direction and got lost countless times. It would be best described as running around like chickens with our heads cut off. After a couple trips we knew where we were going. But there are treasures to be found around every corner, you just have to look for them.

Some of the dishes that are on the top of my list are Taiwan ramen, Cochin chicken and hitsumabushi. These are all Nagoya local dishes. The ramen noodles are the greatest snack ever.



Last night the team had Shabushabu. We cooked all of our food in a boiling pot and it was a very healthy meal.

There are two things that sum up my trip to Nagoya: cleanliness (the city of Nagoya has to be the cleanest I have ever seen) and politeness. They have respect for themselves and others around them.

This is right in front of our hotel. As soon a any leaves hit the ground they are swept up and thrown away. Thus, I have never seen any trash this entire trip. There are no trash cans either, which leads me to believe that the Japanese create no waste. Another thing that surprised me was how I am greeted at every possible time. When I walk into a store/hotel they bow and say hello. When I leave, each employee will come to the front if the store to bow and say thank you. I think we all have something to learn from these customs.








Hope you enjoyed the read! Be ready for my next post later this week



3 thoughts on “Nagoya

  1. Hey bro! Great job! It’s seriously amazing what a great job you do with your blog – you bring me right in and make me feel as though I am experiencing everything with you!

    It is a well known fact that I am your brother and I will love anything you do or say – but, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I cannot wait for your next entry!

    It’s a great honor to be welcomed into another culture and be fully integrated into all aspects. Your getting to experience two great ways – sport & food! You’ve got the food part down — and I can’t wait to hear about the sport part. We’re all with you in spirit — directing all our positive energy directly to you for you to use as you see fit; best of luck, be about it — go get ’em!!

    Love you!!

  2. Very interesting Christopher. Loved hearing about the politeness and respectfullness of the Japanese. I have experienced that myself when I meet Jananese patients. Please keep the blogs and pictures coming. And skate fast, smart, and safely. Love you.

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