Crossfit Utah Olympic Oval

My blog has been mostly about skating so far. I know you don’t want to hear about our monotonous ice sessions and how waking up in the morning is next to impossible. So, I will be mixing it up a little bit. I am sticking to the skating topics, but there are going to be a few random topics thrown in here and there. For instance, there was a crossfit competition at the Oval this weekend.




As you can see, there is wet snow falling. There is a stage in the competition where they have to run outside in the snow! This isn’t your “Average Joe’s Crossfit”; they just took it to a whole new level. There is a paintball stage of the competition. It looks like there are targets setup for them to shoot at. But who knows, maybe they are running from paintball attacks out there?



I had the chance to get out on the long track yesterday. The change in short track ice to long track was much needed. It gave me a chance to unwind and stretch my legs a little bit. I have a few pics here of the session.




There are some good days, some bad, and others when you just dont want to skate. That is the reality for any competitive athlete. But the main goal is to make your worst days of training your best days.
This is my training schedule: about 700 laps per week, 3 hrs of dry land and 6 hrs of weight training. I don’t think there is even 3 hrs of rest between some practices. However, our coach is a mastermind and has our training planned to every last detail. It is two weeks until we travel to Nagoya. This is the last chance for intense, rigorous training. This is a pic I would say describes what we feel like after training.


That’s all for now


One thought on “Crossfit Utah Olympic Oval

  1. great blog Chris. I just now found it. Keep them coming, ok? Love the little dead guy on the floor. Hysterical.

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