Montreal World Cup day 2

Did you know Montreal hosted the summer Olympics in 1976? There are monuments and towering buildings left behind from those Olympics. Here I have a few pictures of what the skyline looks like.    Image


My second World Cup has been amazing so far. There were a few races where I competed against my idols in short track, and I won! But that was in qualifying, now I am racing to make the A final in the 1000m. The racing is a lot more aggressive thanks to bad ice conditions. So the best strategy for every race is to be up near the front and keep the pace up. But, always be on the lookout because the passing is out of control. Everywhere you look there are falls and bomb-passes being made (not always cleanly).

Yesterday we were on the women’s 1000m heats and the power shut off! We had to wait twenty minutes for the lighting to come back on. I had my 1000m heats shortly after with the relay heats to follow. The relay was the most exiting race I have been apart of. Ever! Most of the race we were playing catch-up with the Koreans and French. The ice condition was so bad that we could barely skate to our relay exchanges. But with all that difficulty we managed to get within striking distance. I had the last relay tag with a little less than a corner gap between us and qualifying position. Our team watched in anticipation as JR Celski caught their team and passed into second at the finish line. We beat them by a centimeter, or one one-thousandth of a second. We are in the semi finials!

Little did I know, we would have the same race in our semi finials. This one also produced the same result, passing the French team on the last exchange to make the A Final. I guess we have a little work to do to make it to the top of the podium. But our team has done something very special in Montreal. I am excited to race tomorrow and get what we came here for; a medal.

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