Travel day

The racing was fantastic yesterday. To my knowledge there were 6 world records broken this World Cup. I am proud to say that I had a part in one of the records in my 1000m semi. The winner of the race (Yoon-gy Kwak) crossed the finish line with a time of 1:23.0- WORLD RECORD and I crossed third with 1:23.1- an AMERICAN RECORD. When I was racing, all I could think about was trying to outmaneuver the best in the business, Kwak. But the race was so fast that I couldn’t pass with three laps to go. I battled with a Russian skater all the way to the line just to maintain my spot.
Today we are headed to Montreal for our next stop on the World Cup circuit. I am currently standing in line with the current world record holder in the 500m, JR Celski. He was the first man to break the 40second mark with a time of 39.9sec. What a crazy finish to the Calgary World Cup! The whole arena was cheering as he crossed the line, and every person who witnessed his great sportsmanship was united in that moment. The whole team is feeding off of his energy. The sport is progressing and everyone is forced to up their level after seeing the first sub-40 second 500m.
Also with us at the airport are the Dutch, Japanese and Ukraine teams. It is really too cool being around all these teams in the airport. We almost take over the terminal when we walk anywhere. We are all really friendly and enjoy ourselves, even though we will be competing as soon as we step on the ice in Montreal. I look forward to the racing which starts on Friday.
I also want to add that the Canadian organization did a great job getting us everything we needed. This whole week was a great experience. They took very good care of us and we didn’t have to lift a finger most of the time. The shuttles were always on time, and the hotel always provided food for the athletes. Hence the phrase, “eat, sleep, skate.”


One thought on “Travel day

  1. Thanks for the update Christopher. Sounds like your’e having a great experience. Good for you. Love you.

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