Day 2 of racing

Today it was snowing when I woke up! It is a complete change from the weather we were having. I didn’t think it would be snowing so soon. But, this is Canada and the cold is here to stay.
But anyway, back to the racing. Today was the semi’s for the 1500m. I had the chance to race against a couple of world champions as well (Victor Ahn and Yoon-gy Kwak). I skated to a new personal best in the 1500m, 2:12. I was just behind Yoon-gy with a Russian skater passing me on the last straight.
In my B final the racing was very aggressive. The race started out pretty calm, but exploded about half way through. I made my way to the front at 4 laps to go. With two laps to go I was passed in each straightaway by a Canadian and Japanese skater. After a slip up, I finished 6th.
The next race was the relay semi. We had some tough competition, but we were determined to make the A final. Just a couple exchanges into the race there was a crash. I did my best to get out to him (Kyle Carr) and make a tag. However, just after we made the exchange another skater collided with me and went to the inside of the blocks. We continued on to qualify for the A final! Only to find out that we were penalized for impeding the Kazakhstan skater.
On the positive side, our team made great improvements with our racing strategy and skill. We stayed in the race and fought our way back into qualifying position. We will have another chance to race the relay next week in Montreal.
The US also got its first medal from JR Celski in the 1000m. Hopefully we can get more medals tomorrow.

Here’s a quote from Travis Jayner

There are plenty more chances to race. Don’t be disappointed about this race, you guys made great improvements

One thought on “Day 2 of racing

  1. Snow already. Brrrrrrrr. Thanks for the picture and update. Love keeping up through the blog. tough day racing today but tomorrow is another day. Stay with it, keep learning. Get mean.

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