The city inside Calgary University

Today we had the opportunity to tour around campus. I’m not sure exactly how big it is, but there is no way for us to walk through the whole campus in one day. If you’re interested in what the university has to offer, it is a great place for any bio-mechanics buff or anyone who enjoys sports science. The university ties in all the branches of sports medicine and science in the same building, like it should be. A few of the wings in the kinesiology department include human performance lab, sports medicine, sports technology lab, running injury lab and more. This is all connected to the Olympic Oval where we are racing.
The food court is outstanding. There is everything you could ever want, including Tim Horton’s (the only place with a line of people waiting). The good thing about being at the university is we never have to walk outside for anything. Inside you can find Vietnamese noodle bowls, Greek, Keg Steakhouse, gymnasiums, weight rooms, hair salons, bookstores, electronic stores, coffee shops, you name it and it is there. It’s just too bad that our hotel is located off campus. It makes me wonder if the students ever leave campus. Events are always happening everywhere you look and students have plenty of resources to thrive. Art shows, concerts, performances just to name a few.

You must be thinking wow they really have it good there. Well, it’s a little more difficult than you might think. We are constantly on the run trying to make the bus, find our next meal, and meet with our coaches and trainer. We don’t have too much time for anything else so we get back to the hotel for a meal as soon as possible. Other than training, we are seriously bored in the hotel. We find things to do but everyone needs to stay focused on the race. So for now it is going to be a lot of watching TV, music AND some blogging.
The whole hotel is full of the teams competing in the World Cup. We pass each other during meals and hopping on the shuttle to the oval. The teams I see the most are the Russians, Koreans, Ukrainians, Poland and Canadians. We all share the ice for practices from 8am to 7pm. Our training schedule has been pretty convenient so far. But tomorrow we have to skate a little later than usual, 6-7pm. Stay tuned because racing starts in a couple days. I will get to posting some photos later on. Thanks for visiting!

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