We arrived

Hello Calgary! We are all excited for the first world cup of the season. The city of Calgary seems like they are welcoming us with open arms. It’s a beautiful venue, directly in the middle Calgary University Campus. So far we have only jogged around campus and into the oval. I saw everyone there and it seems like a very professional atmosphere; both long track and short track athletes. Our team seems ready for competition and happy.
As I was walking today, I couldn’t find any banks nearby to exchange money. It was a little difficult to actually buy anything with US dollars. Inside the Calgary University campus we found a Starbucks. I went to the cashier and asked if I could use American dollars, they said yes. Then I said, “all I have is a $100 bill. Is that okay?” They said yes, and I ended up getting a pretty good exchange rate. Unbelievably, the US dollar is 97% of a Canadian dollar right now.
We have our first ice session this afternoon. The ice is the fastest in the world. Just a couple weeks ago the Canadian 10,000m record was beaten. The time was 1:21.8 set by a Canadian National team skater at Canadian trials. For most skaters, any time under 1:30.00 is pretty fast. We are expecting some fast times at this first World Cup from all the skaters. Stay tuned for racing updates and photos.
Below: Calgary University campus

One thought on “We arrived

  1. Thanks for the update Chris. Interesting. Didn’t know Canada had different money than us. Remember our trip to Montreal for the inline race many years ago?

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